mugshot of Amy DeVoogd




With one foot in art & design and the other in the technologies used to implement ideas, I love to collaborate and flex my communication, organizational, strategic thinking and mentoring capabilities.

photograph of a neon sign that reads zest


I’m a visual and technical problem solver. I spent the past nine months revamping my development skills and falling in love with HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and the GreenSock animation platform. As I make my way through A Book Apart’s library and listen intently to Jen Simmons’ The Web Ahead podcast, new digital product designs are racing through my mind. Here are the first few to make their way to the finish.

a man sitting in an office using a laptop in his lap


a product showcase website

review case study

a woman standing in front of a food truck looking at the phone in her hand


an iOS app concept

review case study

a hand at a keyboard on a desk with a computer monitor nearby

More to come

...stay tuned!

A woman's legs descending stairs.

Woman descending Chase Tower stairs. Chicago, Illinois 2016

Work life

I turned my BFA in painting and printmaking into a job designing and art directing for print and web. Ten years later I branched off to specialize in illustration. Along the way I earned my MFA in illustration and taught and developed curriculum for a few academic institutions. In 2017 I completed a nine-month mentorship focused on user experience design and development. Check out my resume.pdf.

Fun facts

My last name is Dutch. It’s pronounced deh-‘vogued. I was born in Boston, raised in Virginia and have lived in Chicago since 2004. I’m left-handed, and a synesthete, which means I associate colors with numbers and letters. I’m also an avid street photographer; the photos you see here are from my numerous explorations around Chicago.

A butcher sitting in the window of his shop.

Halsted Packing House. Chicago, Illinois 2009